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Welcome to

Agrolovers Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.

Reg. No: 43733

The Cooperative with a difference


Who We Are

A community of agriculture enthusiasts coming together as a team and putting resources together to build a formidable agro commodity supply chain in Nigeria.

B2B Commodity Supply

Our Vision

To become the leading agro commodity supply plug in Nigeria and Africa using co-operative methodology With Business To Business Approach.

Maximum Profit For Members

Our Mission

To use The Co-operative’s resources to procure & sell agro commodities to companies on behalf of members profitably to achieve a win-win for all.

agrolovers cooperative logo

How To Become A Member?

Get our application form of ₦10,000 and procure at least one unit of our share capital with the unit price of 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira only). NOTE: A member can have more than one unit of shares. All registered members are entitle to a soft copy of our bye-laws, membership certificate and other incentives.

Compensation Plan

Every Agrolovers Multipurpose Co-operative Society Member is legally qualified and entitled to the Society’s amazing reward system for their trust in the Co-operative. The Co-operative rewards its members in two ways. First, for every profit made every three months, 80% of the profit will be paid as return on investment to members with the unit of shares each member has determining who takes what?

Secondly, the remaining 20% of the profits are being reinvested into the co-operatives’ business for more profit for members. Accumulation of the remaining 20% of the profits in addition with the interest will be declared as dividend at the Annual General Meeting and every member will be paid according to the number of shares each has.

Agrolovers Forum

Our online forum is open to business conversations. You can ask questions, post educational and informative business post and use the medium to share business ideas.

Agrolovers Marketplace

You can now place advertisement for your commodities for free on our website. Get free access to new products & customers. Happy selling!

Agrolovers Cooperative

Join us as we supply agro commodities to companies as a group and maximize profit. Profits & dividends are being shared among members every quarter of the year & AGM respectively.